• The Value Engineers provides a web-based graphical editor for e3value. For now, you can register for free.
  • There is also the reference implementation in Java. It includes a graphical editor and generation of net value flow spreadsheets. The spreadsheet generation is open source. It is not maintained anymore.
  • The University of Twente developed an open source graphical e3value editor, allowing for quantification, sensitivity analysis, and generation of fraud scenarios in value networks. The tool implements a subset of the e3value modelling language.
  • Finally, Francisco Javier Pérez Blanco (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos) developed an EMF/Eclipse e3value editor, with tools to generate various models using the e3value model, including the Business Model Canvas and BPMN.
  • F. Kaya & Y. Wang from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam developed the DECENT Modeling toolkit for Decentralized Governance Design, based on ADOxx platform. 

Decentralized Governance Design: Modeling Toolkit

Here below we present the following documents:

  • Instruction for DECENT Toolkit development to install ADOxx and import DECENT library via Gitbhub
  • Instruction for DECENT toolkit modeling platform, to develop your own DECENT governance models
  • Example video for importing DECENT library (DECENT_development platform example)
  • Example video how to create DECENT governance models (DECENT Modeling platform)
  • Github link: https://github.com/DragonGemini/DECENT-Modeling-Toolkit
  • DECENT Systematic Literature Review Analysis: